Bear One Another’s Burden

Bear One Another’s Burden

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Bear One Another’s Burden                                 3-6-22

Bottom Line: A church family is a support system built and driven by love.


 A. If Jesus broke the bread, shouldn’t we break the cracker?

   1. The bread must be first and the wine second.

   2. Jesus offered thanks for the bread and nothing else!

 B. People love to be legalistic about communion until you remind them it was originally part of a meal.

   1. It is a memory not a ritual. A tool not a law! Teaching!

   2. A simple help from Jesus to keep the cross real.

 C. We do we love legalism? Laws are clear and comfortable!

   1. It should mean that we have instant agreement.

   2.Commands are clear; an inference = opinion; an example is a suggestion. We argue over opinions & suggestions.

 D. Legalism in Paul’s day was about following Moses/Law.

   1. Galatians survey, Christ & grace, law = fallen away

   2. 6:2 “Bear one another’s burden… fulfill the Law of Christ.” Other versions say “carry” – literal or endure!

   3. “Bearing with one another in love” Eph.4:2

 E. The only cure for legalism is love/agape! Our burden is not the law but one another! What does it mean?

1. Bearing one another’s burden is driven by love!

 A. Care for others & self are connected. Gal.6:1-5

 B. We are on a shared journey. (Picture of soldiers)

 C. Who would you carry? Who would carry you?

2. Bearing one another’s burden means sharing!

 A. Open and honest communication. Deepest level.

 B. Real NT Christianity is sharing & caring: Acts 2:42, 4:32

 C. Not everyone but some!

3. Bearing one another’s burden means doing the small things!

 A. The cross didn’t make apostles. 3 ½ yrs together did!

 B. Zechariah 4:10, “Who despises the day of small things?”

   * A plumb line to measure spiritual soundness

 C. The example of the mighty washer. (Picture of washer)


A. What was nailed to the cross? A life, but more…

B. Colossians 2:13-14 (NIV) A life, the Law, and love!

C. Which ones rose from the tomb? There is a reason why “The greatest of these is love” – it will last!

D. Love carried a cross, we carry one another!