Seven Mountain Principles #5

Seven Mountain Principles #5

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Seven Mountain Principles #5                               5-29-22

Bottom Line: A relationship with God requires trust!


 A. The excitement of Israel leaving bondage after 400 years.

   1. Pharoah’s army coming! At the Red Sea!

   2. From Party to Panic! What now? Problem of the Red Sea

 B. Matt.5:1 A multitude, a mountain, and called disciples

 C. An essential and timeless lesson about understanding God! Everything is a purposeful flow of principles (Mt.5,6&7)

   1. God loves seekers

   2. God loves honest transformation

   3. God looks at the heart not the ego

   4. God is worshipped when we seek him

 D. Seeking a relationship with God means we talk, focus, and prioritize! We can only have one Master!

   1. Jesus knew that prioritizing would be our Red Sea!

   2. Here we are? What now? A problem and a solution!

1. Priority Problem! What is our Red Sea barrier?

 A. Our focus on our perceived needs (food)! 6.25-27

   1. Eating and drinking = daily survival, high priority. Us?

   2. Isn’t life more important than food?

   3. Worry never adds a single hour to life!

 B. Our focus on how we look to others (cloths)! 6:28-30

   1. Worrying about cloths = looking good!

   2. More valuable than lilies and grass? God takes care of it!

   3. O you of little faith!

 C. Our concerns and worries about the future! 6:34

   1. Worry about tomorrow? Let it worry about itself!

   2. Each day has enough…why borrow?

   3. Miss today being anxious about tomorrow!

2. Priority Solutions! Vs.31-33

 A. God knows you need all these things!

 B. Seek God first! Before needs, acceptance, & fears

 C. Everything will be taken care of! Free gift or empowering?

 D. Principle #4: A relationship with God requires trust!

   1. Faith that he is dependable, reliable, & proven

   2. God’s trust is found in his unchangeable character!


A. Favorite animated Disney movie – Jungle Book

B. Kaa the python sings to Mowgli in a tree, Trust in Me

   * Shere Khan inadvertently saves him the second time

C. Trust in Me was a huge lie!

D. Jesus is telling us to trust God! If we put him first, he will take care of us. I believe him, don’t you?