Seven Mountain Principles #6

Seven Mountain Principles #6

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Seven Mountain Principles #6                          6-5-22

Bottom Line: A relationship with God must change the way we treat others.


  1. Read Matthew 7:1-12 in The Message
  2. This is a passage that needs chapters & verses removed.
  3. The first rule of context is staying true to the flow of thought.  Out of context & proof texting will happen.
  4. Context of Jesus’ message: One Master! One priority – seek first his kingdom! It’s not just vertical…
  5. Which means: Principle #6, A relationship with God must change the way we treat people.
  6. Kingdom seekers are different! God guides their actions.

1. Kingdom seekers know that God is the only judge of others! Vs.1-2

 A. Not about judging actions but hearts! Self-appointed judge = comparison, competition, and criticism!

 B. Judging determines our judgement! Like forgiveness!

   1. Unhappy and miserable living – “what goes around…”

   2. Damaging to our relationship w/ others & God!

 C. “the measure you use”? We choose how to think!

2. Kingdom seekers know that our real job is self-evaluation! Vs.3-5

 A. Our sins are always specks to us. Why?

 B. Our sins are really planks. Why?

 C. We qualify and quantify sin! God doesn’t! We’re wrong!

3. Kingdom seekers know to give value to our walk with God! vs.6

 A. Give dogs what is sacred – pearls to pigs?

 B. Allowing sin and the world to have power over you!

 C. A relationship w/ God is a treasure & great pearl!

          * Spiritual liter in our life!

4. Kingdom seekers know that our relationship with God is affected by our relationship with others. Vs.7-12

 A. Our communication/prayers are dependent on treating others with love and kindness. Keep the verse in context!

 B. He is a loving Father waiting to take care of us!

 C. “So in everything” = the Golden Rule is essential to our relationship with God! It is not an optional command but a timeless expectation from God. “Sums up the Law…”


A. Principle #6: A relationship with God must change the way we treat others.

B. The principle of reciprocal accountability! Your relationship with me is deeply affected by how you treat the ones I love.

C. Hurt me – I can accept and forgive, but hurt my wife or my children…

D. What you do “to the least of these” – you do to Jesus!

E. Treat others the way you would like to be treated! It is what children of God do to please Him and stay close to Him.

F. There is no relationship w/ God w/o treating others in a godly way!