Unity & Remembrance

Unity & Remembrance

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Unity  & Remembrance                                     9-12-21


 A. FB post the other day: “I sure do miss 9/12”! Why? A very different spirit took over our nation after 9/11.

   1. A spirit of togetherness – a common sadness and resolve

   2. We were a nation unified.

 B. The two most beautiful descriptions in the Bible of unity in the church!

   1. The Body of Christ = unity like a healthy body

   2. The Family of God = unity like a healthy family

 C. Unity is important to God – especially for his people!

   1. Eph.4:1-5 Oneness; 

   2. 1 Cor.13:4-8a, unselfish love

1. Principles of Unity in Christ

 A. Togetherness: A common Lord, A common Love, and a common Purpose! God’s plan! One another stuff!

 B. Loyalty: Obedience and commitment – Numbers 32 – 2 ½

 C. Submission:  Something greater than me! (Jesus, Phil.2)

 D. Sacrifice: For others – The greater good – God’s plan – greater love!

9/11 Video

2. Principles of remembering 9/11 – Honoring Principles of Unity!

 A. Togetherness: shared experience

 B. Loyalty: No division, common enemy, My Country!

 C. Submission: What do you need?

 D. Sacrifice: Victims! All First Responders!